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Curriculum Vitae - Tchai privat


1980 :           School of Craft and Design, Copenhagen
1986 :           Pilchuck School of Glass, USA, master class with Klaus Moje
2000 :           Northlands Creative Center, master class with Richard Marquis
2009 :           Re-educated myself at Aarhus Business Academy
2011 :           Multimediadesigner
1954:            Born in Hobro, Denmark
1956:            Moved to Saxogade, Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
1962:            Immigrated with parents and little sister to Australia. First by  

                     fishing boat from Nyhavn to Amsterdam. Then from Holland to

                     Kuwait in a VW van. Finally from Arabia to Down Under by

                     container ship. The journey took nine months.
1963:            Travelled extensively throughout Australia as seasonal workers,  

                     living in a small wooden caravan. Periodically gold-digging and

                     opal-hunting. Attended more schools than I can count.
1968:            Started my highschool education at Coorparoo State High.
1971:            Returned to Denmark with mother and sister.
1972:            Settled in Christianshavn and took REALEKSAMEN after having

                     learnt Danish again.
1973:            Took numerous jobs - cleaning, welding, shop-assistant, bill-

                     board carrier, shop-manager etc., etc.
1975:            Accepted at School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen (ceramics

1980:            Graduated in glass and moved to Ebeltoft. Discovered that Mols

                     was the cradle of my mothers family.
1988:            Married my one-time teacher and employer, Finn Lynggaard,

                     after having shared a studio for a number of years.
1990:            The utmost achievement of my life - my daughter, Eva.
1980 - 2009: Made a living making glass for nearly 30 years, but had to

                     stop because of scoliosis and arthritis of the spine.

Initiatives:     Co-founder of KiC - Kunsthåndværk i Centrum (2005 - 2011).
2011:            My husband, Finn, dies having braved heart-surgery and several

                     years of dialysis.
2012:            Ebeltoft Glas re-locates and opens in one of the smallest galleries

                     in Ebeltoft.

2013             ....and onwards.  Will continue making glass on a smaller scale and with                         the help of good assistants. Have recently taken up clay again as this is                         not so strenuous on the back. Still have to make a living somehow!

2024             I close my Gallery.

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